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Nov. 15th, 2013 09:47 am
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When first meeting Matthew, the following points are things someone is likely to notice about him:
  • Matthew's eyes are an unnatural shade of blue. They're described as being an albino shade of blue, and other people tend to find them disconcerting. They are almost always his most recognisable trait and the thing that people tend to remember about him most.
  • Apart from the eyes, he's largely ordinary looking: brown hair, pale freckled skin, and a stick-like frame.
  • He tends to look perpetually scruffy
  • He tends to switch between using singular and plural pronouns for himself (see below for more detail)
  • Characters with some kind of supernatural sight or ability to see the "truth" of things might be able to see a pair of blue flaming wings on his back
Basically, Matthew is not just 'Matthew'. He's also the Blue Electric Angels, who are essentially a conglomerate entirety born from voices left on the telephone wire. In canon they tend to be described as somewhere between angel, devil, and god, but generally 'spirits of the telephone wire' is still a pretty good description of what they are. In a way they are 'possessing' Matthew, although that's not quite the right term, as the relationship is more of a symbiotic one. In short, they share the same body.

While Matthew and the Angels are still their own distinct entries, the line between them can be pretty blurred at times, and they very rarely disagree. But, it is possible to tell, to a degree, when one or the other is saying something. Matthew uses singular pronouns, while the angels use plural. So, you get "I", "me", and "he" (in prose) for Matthew, and "we", "us", and "they" (in prose) for the angels.

The exact differences between the two are explained more in Matthew's personality section, but in essence, that's how it works.
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Aug. 20th, 2030 08:17 pm
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If you have any thoughts or constructive criticism you'd like to leave on how I'm playing Matthew, just leave a comment here! Anon commenting is enabled, and IP logging is turned off.